Philosophy & Approach

The Windmark Process

Time-Tested Approach

We believe a clear process and consistent philosophy, executed with discipline over time, is the key to client success.


We understand what it takes for an investment manager to succeed over the long term and are highly selective in our approach

  • Aligned interests and a fiduciary mindset that puts the best interests of their clients above their own
  • A sustainable investment edge that separates them from the crowd
  • A disciplined and repeatable investment process
  • Belief that long-term capital appreciation comes from owning quality companies that will compound earnings and cashflow over time
  • A partner in Windmark’s investment process – to be a leading indicator of opportunity and risk
  • A willingness to invest with conviction by concentrating assets into our best ideas
  • Organizational stability from a focus on building a long term, sustainable “franchise”

Portfolio Construction & Risk Management

A continual reallocation of capital to what we believe to be the best opportunities, while steering clear of unnecessary risk

  • Risk Based Asset Allocation: Quantify the expected return and risk of each portfolio line item and the total portfolio. This is used to focus asset allocation on what we can control: Risk
  • Risk is viewed through multiple lenses, guided by common sense and measured with insightful risk and exposure analytics
  • Patient, with a long-term perspective
  • Skeptical and rigorous investment analysis seeking to operate effectively through market cycles
  • Opportunistic, fundamental and valuation based