Stewards of Client Capital

Independent, 100% employee owned

Outsourced Investment Team

Strategic asset allocation and insightful manager selection

Long-Term Focus

We believe in the patient pursuit of long-term capital appreciation

Windmark Investment Partners is a full-service outsourced investment team seeking to build customized, high-performance institutional investment portfolios.

We are Passionate about our work because we believe in the mission of our clients.

Windmark Investment Partners provides customized investment services to a range of clients including pensions, endowments and foundations. We are an independent, 100% employee owned and managed firm. Our mission has always been long-term investment performance and exemplary client service.

Investment Strategy and Planning

Strategic Asset Allocation

Manager Search

Fundamental Research and risk analysis

Customized performance reporting

Fiduciary Services Support



Fundamental Analysis Of Forward-Looking Risk And Expected Returns

Portfolio Construction To Fit Client Needs

Risk Based Asset Allocation


Traditional and Alternative Manager Selection

Opportunistic Asset Allocation

Cost Control

Meaning of Our Name

Windmark is short for the “windward mark”, which marks the end of the critical upwind leg of a sailing race. Success during this part of the race requires a boat’s crew to come together as a team to make the boat perform well in a range of conditions. Preparation for that moment starts well before the race begins. We changed the name of the firm to Windmark in early 2018 to better reflect our partnership-based approach among our team and with our clients.